A grotesque in 7 languages with music

A:My mother has fallen into hell. She doesn't believe. She does'nt think the world was made, not even by god.
B:You study music?
A:I am not talking about music. I talk about hell.
B:But if somebody falls into the river once, he can not get back into town.
A:Is she held there in costudy?
B:There is one way, your mother could return. But its not reasonable for a modern woman.
A:Tell me the way.
B:It's the path of the emperor. Painful like any artificial knife cut.
A:More exact please!
B:Well, how can I tell you?
A:Do you want bribe money?
B:What makes you say that?
A:Please, tell me quickly what to do.
B:You have to give birth to your mother!
A:I beg your pardon?
B:Your mother must come out of your womb. Only through a living uterus a dead woman can come back alive into the world of the living.
A:But why should I do this? My grandmother has given birth to my mother.
B:She is dead.
A:But how can I give birth to my own mother?

Yoko Tawada: Was ändert der Regen an unserem Leben?

At times the audience gets the feeling to be part of a film, so quickly are the pictures fading in and out. With their collage GAIA the group is combining in 7 languages elements from various theatreforms with music. From Platon to Checkov, Thelma and Louise to notes from blog-diaries. From accordion music to "Teach me Tiger", from "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" to puppet theatre. Women images with subtitles. This requires from both actresses quick changeability. This is playfully achieved by japanese looking paravans, behind which not only shadowplays glide back into reality. The self divised images cast a glance over femaleness today. Femininity or whatever it might want to be called.
And all this with a good and proper portion of humor.

"There is no conclusion and there is none missing. They show the woman. And above everything stands irony and the grotesque. Not one second is sentimental. [...] They could play the performance everywhere in the world. One can understand it everywhere."

epresso (Hungary)