Like a wind in the egg

A play by Yoko Tawada

“I have to keep my handwriting to myself, same with my hands, of which I also have no copies. How would I survive the dreams at night without my hands?”

Yoko Tawada: Like a wind in the egg

A woman writing for nine months, just to then burn her manuscript afterwards; a girl that comes and goes like the wind; a madly cleaning sister-in-law and a poet, who prefers to read rather than to write…

These creatures are all thrown together into a strange house. Around the house branches of trees are moving like human hands. The child only repeats few sentences, eats constantly eggplants and bites. And it copies what the woman writes, only much nicer. All the others are talking floatingly, like in a dream. About every day things; about the woman’s husband, who lives on an island; about writing. As sudden as they are thrown into this house, as sudden they are catapulted out of it. Only the woman stays. Existential chasms, fear, opposite worlds, which we can infinitely think about and about which we can laugh unexpectedly.

On the occasion of the NIPPON CONNECTION 2007, the biggest European Film Festival in Frankfurt, the full piece of Tawada was performed. The collaboration between The@rt, Landungsbrücken Frankfurt and Nippon achieved far-reaching synergies. The play tells the story of 4 people in a common conflict. Tawada tells this story in an impressive condensed way. No word seems wasted. She combines playfully western ways of thinking with eastern philosophy, elements of the Russian drama of the 19th century with elements of the antique greek chorus and by doing that achieves for herself a indefinable niche of her own special theatricality of her texts and seems to be herself a peculiar combining-element of different cultures.

“The lightness of her texts might result in the fact, that this author of our century does not need to wipe off any wearisomeness from her limbs and that she can claim language for spheres, that would come to us only in our dreams.“

Anne Duden, Süddeutsche Zeitung



Produced for the cultural framework program of Nippon Connection 2007 and debuted in combination with a music-reading-performance of Yoko Tawada herself and the japanese Jazz-Pianoplayer Aki Takase on the grand piano. For more information check the links below.